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Knowledge is power!  Women need to understand their cars better so they don’t feel intimidated! 

A ladies car care clinic is a tool that will help you, the shop owner develop a good relationship with your customers.  It will teach your customers the importance of preventive maintenance and why it is important to keep their car in good running condition.  Gone are the days, when women can say their husbands looks after the maintenance. 


This is a fun informative evening to learn about maintenance and your vehicle.  Learn what the various fluids look like, how  a dirty air filter can impact your fuel economy and why it is important to check your tire pressures.

If you are interested in holding a Car Care Clinic at your shop contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The evening involves a meet and greet at the beginning with a 1 2/2 to 2 hour informal clinic.  Followed by a question and answer time.

Many things would be covered:

  • Various fluids of a vehicle, both clean and dirty.
  • Oil filters cut open and examined as well as air filters: clean and dirty.
  • A car would be on a hoist so the undercarriage could be examined.
  • How to check tire pressures!
  • Emergency road side kit contents
  • And much more……….   










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