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Winning in a man's world
A speech for women
The car doesn't know who's driving it, but everyone else does!  How did a diminutive female from small town Ontario become one of Canada's top racecar drivers?  It wasn't easy, but Kelly Williams did just that.  In this presentation, she shares her advice on how women can get ahead in a field dominated by men. She tells of the times she was almost forced off the track, the ways she earned the respect of her competitors and her team, and how through sheer determination, she emerged as a winner in racing and in the racing business.  Her experiences and the lessons she learned are invaluable for any woman seeking to make it in a man's world. 

The seven engines to get to the winners circle
A speech for business owners and entrepreneurs

What does it take to be successful in  business?  Kelly Williams has excelled in every aspect of the racing business -- from managing her own team, to negotiating her own sponsorships, to branching out into new areas to grow her business.  In this speech, she shares her seven engines for arriving at the winner's circle.  Learn her formula for speeding past the competition, for bringing the right people along for the ride, and for choosing the best path forward.  It will help you to accelerate your own business success. 

Go for it!
A speech for young people

Kelly Williams had just earned her degree to become a high school teacher, when she decided to try racecar driving.  At first, racecar driving was  simply fun for her.  But she soon become serious about her exciting new career.  It not only taught her about racing as a sport, it taught her about running her own business, about how to explore new opportunities, and about what it takes to be winner in any career.  In this presentation, she shares the pitfalls, the prospects and the glory of taking your life and your career in a new direction.