Frequently Asked Questions PDF Print E-mail

Where is it held?
The clinic is usually held in the shop area


How long does it last?
The clinic will usually last about 2 ¼ hours including thank yous and door prizes


How many women is a good number?
25-30 women are a good number to target.  Remember there will always be some no shows!


Should I have food and refreshments?
This is a definite!  The best food to get would be a veggie tray, cheese and crackers or a deli meat tray.  Coffee, tea and water are also a must.


What about chairs and tables?
Chairs should be rented in order to maintain a professional look.  Try your local legion or party rental shop.  It is also a good idea to rent 2 tables.  One for food and one for samples.


Should I provide “Goody” bags?


What should go in them?
A jug of windshield washer fluid always goes over well, Car Care Guide and anything else you want to provide.


Should I have door prizes and how many?
Door prizes are a nice touch.  3 is a good number.  I usually suggest: An oil change, $50 gift certificate for pedicure/manicure and an Emergency Kit for your car.